Take a green action with athia reusable coffee filters.


A compact coffee Makers set with ESG concept.

A perfect travel kit for coffee lovers for summer outdoor activities.

Reduce、reuse and recycle from every cup of coffee.

Paperless and reusable cloth filters is eco-friendly solution for coffee lovers.

ATHIA Glass Pour Over Coffee Dripper Set is portable.

Bring one with you for outdoor activities. It serves you a cup of black coffee with low carbon emission.



ATHIA Golden Coffee Dripper is designed to fit Hario V60 02 and 03 drippers, as well as most standard coffee drippers.

• No more paper filters.
• Double-layer 304 stainless made.
• Double-layers 500 mesh fine design to retain coffee aroma.
• Worry free from paper filter bleaching.
• Join paperless movement and join ESG life while enjoy a fresh cup of coffee.
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ATHIA Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker Set is just on the GO.

We put coffee accessories into a compact bag to fulfill your needs.

ATHIA Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker Set, including Glass Cone Dripper, Reusable Cloth Filter, Wood stand, Dripper Saucer, Borosilicate Glass Mug and Travel Bag.

athia flass pour over coffee maker set
  • athia wood filter stand
  • Wood Filter Stand

    There are two featured materials to choose from: Olive wood and Walnut wood.

  • athia filter cloth
  • Filter Cloth

    Made of natural cotton and linen, it can be washed and reused, allowing you to respond to environment while enjoying pure and healthy coffee.

  • athia cone dripper 3
  • Cone dripper

    Slow down the water flow speed, extend the time to extract and bloom coffee completely.

  • athia drip saucer,athia measuring cup 4
  • Drip Saucer/ measuring cup

    Drip Saucer desinged to keep the table clean. Can be used as measureing cups to measure coffee beans/powder.

  • athia mug 5
  • Mug

    Heat-Resistant Glass Material Resistant to the instantaneous temperature of 150°C (302°F), would not react chemically with coffee, retains the original flavor, and the glass ear would not heat up.

    featured design

    Perfect coffee kit for summer outdoor.

    Collect the mug, dripper, and filter stand in one mini travel set, presenting minimalist aesthetics and making travelers easy to carry.

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